Monday, May 15, 2017

More experiments using Frixion erasable pens and markers

I am uploading this video but have to apologize in advance, I had a horizontal flip setting on my cell phone camera app on, so I am mumbling in the beginning since I had trouble figuring out why printing was backward, and every move I made was opposite, the camera was recording in mirror image mode and it totally confused me as I looked into the viewfinder, I used the app (Video FX) so I could stop and start video, not all cell phone cameras can do that.  So then I had to find software that would enable me to get the video flip horizontally so you could read the writing without having to reflect it off a mirror.  Aaargh, ya learn something every day.  OK, so here is the flipped correctly video, but it still shows how discombobulated I am.  I didn't want to recreate all the steps and do a new video, would have been running back and forth up and down to the refrigerator, so in this video, you get the ideas.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Frixion Clicker 07 erasable gel pen in action and all my observations

Here is more information on these interesting pens, sorry some of the action is out of the frame of the camera, but you get the idea and info

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Create your own Adult Coloring Books/pages

Only better since you will end us with stickers to use on cards, gifts, packaging etc.
Because my printer is not cooperating with me doing Print and Cut, I have found another way, I call Sketch, Cut then Color. I have found it is a lot of fun to color the designs myself with things I have on hand, I use Watercolors, (Derwent Inktense Blocks), but you can use almost any coloring medium, ink, crayons, markers etc.  I find the full sheet labels I get from Online Labels take color nicely, you may want to experiment.,

this was design before I added black accents with a pen. In the video below you can see final image.
You might want to make up sheets, oh OK, you can use your printer and do regular print and cut if you have a reliable printer, but you don't get to use whole page because of registration marks, but now you have two options, so for the budding artist in your world, pages like these with their favorite images, cartoons, animals, etc. for them to color, then use their art as stickers might make nice gifts,. 
Here is last video, I made

This is the erasable pen I used for my last sheet of stickers.

These are images I traced, from Hungry Jpeg, Vintage Floral Pack, only $3 and I believe they are having a 20% off sale now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dragonfly wings n things

Experimenting with different approaches to shimmery, glittery dragonfly wings:

The aluminum metal tape can be bought here, although, you can also get at local hardware stores.

More pictures, etc:

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Another Sketch, Cut, then Color

This is the image (from) Hungry Jpeg, of course, that I thought I would attempt today.  Without my printer, but still using my Online Label full sheet labels.  I traced this image and did a little fiddling using the eraser tool to get rid of a lot of small bits I didn't want. This is what I got to trace:

of course my trusty uniball pen ready to use in my holder:

the results, after sketching, put in my silhouette blade, settings, white sticker paper, blade at 8

Now to color:

using the image on my computer before trace as my reference

carefully remove finished flower and placed on wax paper

now to plan how i might use this flower, a preview, i may stick flower to cardstock in same cut file, then add foam to back to raise flower up a bit, Hope all who sruggle with printer issues ,not to mention cost of ink!, This is another alternative.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Printer not cooperating, BUT there's another way Sketch, cut and color!

I have loved my Epson Printer WF7610 until for some unknown reason the black ink cartridge wouldn't dispense ink, I did find a workaround, but it is not perfect (use glossy photo paper for setting regardless what paper you are using) seemed to work, although much slower.  Plus there is a technical reason why this is not ideal, but I won't go into that here.

Instead, I have been playing with my trusty pens, using the internal offset function to fill in designs and text, then inserting a ball point pen into the white holder thingie I got from Amazon when I ordered these:
I think I paid about $9.99 at the time and I notice they are $7.99 now.  Note that the white pen holder included at the top is the same fitting as you see in blue and gray, you can just unscrew that and use it in your Cameo (I do not have the latest Cameo.)  The white fitting works great on the Signo Uni Ball pens (on one I had to put one round of painter's tape around the pen to get a solid fit which then fits into the holder on my cameo.  See this video showing sketching design on full page label paper:
See postings here:

So after this was sketched, I used a bit of watercolor to fill in flowers, but I still wanted black sketch to show:

As you can see, I created several other stickers this same way, using some watercolor and markers really a lot of fun.  I have found that pulling them off the label sheet after watercoloring, it is best to put them on kitchen wax paper, at first I tried freezer paper, but after a bit that great adhesive on back of stickers stuck a little too much and would, over time, I think make them difficult to remove to use on projects.  Kitchen wax paper provides the perfect storage and they release easily, plus you can preview deigns on projects before you actually commit to sticking them since wax paper is see through.  

Some other sticker I have made again using this same sketch with pen, then color with watercolor technique:

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

More than one way to .............

can't finish this saying (since I am a cat lover), but you know what I am talking about.  Thanks to Shakeya Levell-Pericles who commented on last video, there is another way to accomplish same thing.  I run through it in the video below "and" show how to insert pattern instead of color on one of the balloons, plus combine them to make another cut file.  Several tips in this video as well as I run into some unexpected issues and show you ways to correct them.  Hope it is useful

Monday, February 27, 2017

Quick tutorial and explanation of how to get rid of black box

I just did a quick video on why and how to get rid of black box around items you colorize in Silhouette Studio, primarily in my case for cut and print (stickers of course).  I have tried to isolate this technique so it is not buried in a longer video.  The link to the bundle I got this image from is here:

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Hope this doesn't confuse anyone,

but I tried to extract/unzip the Big Floral Bundle from Hungry JPEG and walk you through how to do that, as usual, I meandered off the path quite a bit as things occurred to me.  By the time I got to the Hummingbird, my brain was numb, and  I kept trying to ungroup when I meant to "Release Compound Path" to show you how to delete trash around a trace line.  But since there is more than one way to do things, I reverted to the technique of just deleting edit points.  Not sure there is anything of value here, but hope there is.  I am too pooped to be objective at the moment.

Digital Flower Arranging in Silhouette Studio for sticker making

I will probably do several of these videos showing how to combine elements to make new images, in this case floral arrangements.  Through this process, you learn a lot, most I have included in previous videos, but it is through repetition of the process we get adept at working with the wonderful tools in Silhouette Studio.  Hope you enjoy it:

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Extraction from images creating whole new one

In my last post, I said I would make another video to show you how I used an image from the Hungry JPEG September bundle that came in the "Pumpkin Season" file (lots of great stuff here for fall), but there are some items that are seasonless, pretty watercolor hearts and foliage that can be for any season.  One image caught my eye:
I loved this cat because it reminded me of my adorable cat "Pepper" :

So got some ideas for extracting that cat and using it for some pretty stickers, here is the video I made
including several mistakes I walk through, hope it doesn't bore you, but I learned a few things as I do every day and maybe there is something in here that can work for you too:

Faux Quilting in Silhouette Studio using September Bundle

For those of you who purchased the re-release of Hungry JPEG September Bundle, you might be able to play along with me while I demonstrate how to do even more with these images.  The September bundle will only be available for a short time and has so many goodies in it.  You can use the tips/techniques I cover in this video for many images which you might already have, so have fun:

I quickly reviewed this September bundle last year when it first came out and you can see that posting here:

Stay tuned for another quick (I hope) video on how to get even more from your images, I will be using the "Pumpkin Season" graphics again from the September Bundle, but wait till you see how I use this image, you won't believe it came from the fall season images when you see it, hint, if you are a cat lover, you might especially love it.  

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Free watercolor background Patterns and how to use them in Silhouette Studio

This week Hungry JPEG is offering "free" lovely watercolor background patterns, you can see them here:  

I have created a quick video showing how to download, extract (unzip), get them into Silhouette Studio library, and use them for print and cut projects.

Here is a quick pic of them:

Monday, January 30, 2017

Run don't walk to take advantage of this opportunity

I emailed the wonderful folks at Hungry JPEG regarding some of my most favorite and hugely economical bundles that had expired.  At the time, they said they could not make them available and I was so disappointed.  It often takes me some time when I make a purchase to use the items and be able to post about them in a timely manner.  I hate it when the bundles are no longer available when I post how I have used them.  I am happy to announce my ALL TIME FAVORITE Mia Charo Bundle is now available here.

 I bought it in February 2016 and it is my favorite.  It is only $15 and if you like florals, banners, and much, much more you will love this bundle, if you tweet, you can also get 10% more off.  Here are the links to my blog postings where I have used graphics from the Mia Charo bundle.  In one post I apologized that it was no longer available, BUT now it is for 30+ days.

I posted about this bundle here:

I will be soon making a video on "Flower arranging in Silhouette Studio" and will use floral elements from these and other bundles.  The video will show how to get the graphics onto mat, how to trace, crop to create a nice tight cut graphic, how to get more from each graphic using shader effect tools, and how to combine many elements for a new bouquet, etc.  plus lots of tips.   Just playing with this flower arranging  will show you how much can be done with the software.  

Thursday, January 26, 2017

How to use IRFANVIEW to resize a whole file of pictures automatically

Before I got my current laptop which has 12 Gig of RAM my old laptop had only 4 Gig, and I had difficulty using the latest version of Silhouette Studio, I also had a challenge when using very big files.  Most of you know I love the images I have bought from Hungry JPEG to make stickers, and the images are very large sizes.  The large size is useful if you are printing posters, etc, but for my use to create stickers, I do not need that size and I found that the older versions of the Silhouette Studio I was using (newest versions did not play well with my laptop), also had difficulty using large size images.  So using a free software called IRFANVIEW, I have learned how to very easily and quickly resize a whole file of images by a certain percent, i.e., in this case reduce by 50%.  This video walks you through how to do this if you have a similar need/desire.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Stickers made from my pics of pottery items I have made

I don't know why I haven't thought about this before, but this has been fun.  I have experienced lots of people pinning my hearts to their Pinterest Boards, so it caused me to go look at them again.  My Pinterest Album for these is here.

So I decided to do a video on how I was able to put these images on stickers and thought I would share it with you all.
Here is video I made in creating the stickers:
After printing, I was able to cut on my Cameo, see this video here:

and here are the stickers ready to use: