Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ta Da!!!

My biggest load yet from the kiln:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Consumed by New Hobby

I have spent so many hours in the pottery studio at which I am now a member which means I have 24/7 access. I have spent hours there, mostly playing, but also observing some wonderful creations produced by the people who work there. I have been using my camera to record much of what I do. Found that I can use sound memo on photos I take to record what glazes I used because as soon as one of those things goes on a shelf, you immediately forget what you did! Very handy indeed. I am so excited because this coming Tuesday a whole pile of my stuff will be coming out of the final firing. Mostly black and cream pieces I have made for myself, but a few other experiments as well. I have some very notable failures, but I don't think I will share these but hopefully will learn from these mistakes. I find that I like the underglaze process a little more since what you see is "mostly" what you get, unlike the other glazes (dipped and poured) available for us to use. So for now the bulk of what I am making falls in the "underglaze, then dip in clear glaze" category. I have made myself a mug pattern that I have used a lot. My first use was to create this handbuilt pitcher in the Mary Rose Young "style." I am quite pleased with it.

I have made plates and more mugs in this style and will see finished product on Tuesday!
In one of our earlier classes we made angels and I have since made two more similar to this first one, to give as gifts for Christmas. These are quite easy actually and show the basic clay color dipped in clear glaze.
Here she is:

Then a fairy door for my daughter's fairy garden, to lean onto the base of a tree:

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Seeing Double

I just came from viewing the fabulous shot Jessica got of a hummingbird stopping to admire her hummingbird shaped outdoor ornament. Check it out here.
This reminded me of a cute little fella who used to visit the garden and munch on a few tidbits in the garden, --I always plant a little extra for the critters. I managed to catch him munching alongside an ornamental sprinkler shaped like a bunny! Made me laugh, hope it will make you smile too!