Monday, May 15, 2017

More experiments using Frixion erasable pens and markers

I am uploading this video but have to apologize in advance, I had a horizontal flip setting on my cell phone camera app on, so I am mumbling in the beginning since I had trouble figuring out why printing was backward, and every move I made was opposite, the camera was recording in mirror image mode and it totally confused me as I looked into the viewfinder, I used the app (Video FX) so I could stop and start video, not all cell phone cameras can do that.  So then I had to find software that would enable me to get the video flip horizontally so you could read the writing without having to reflect it off a mirror.  Aaargh, ya learn something every day.  OK, so here is the flipped correctly video, but it still shows how discombobulated I am.  I didn't want to recreate all the steps and do a new video, would have been running back and forth up and down to the refrigerator, so in this video, you get the ideas.
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