Saturday, May 31, 2014

More inspirations, testing designs in a journal

I am combining my silkscreens "and" stencils made on my cameo to come up with some interesting designs.
Used a zentangle silkscreen on top of a fish cutout stencil to create this:  For now they are in my sample journal, but they will be excellent references to use with my ceramic work as well as art journal/pages
The following page is just stencils cut on Cameo using cheap poypropylene document covers each one gets me two stencils 8.5"x11"  They will work beautifully on Iclay since they are very thin and will stick to the clay.  The small wave is something I carved out of Dollar Tree erasers and use as stamps.
The orange, pink, etc design was just a stencil, again cut out of polypropylene with the Cameo,  I now have a tremendous supply to use with gelli plates, art journals, maybe even canvases.  Grandaughter will be here next month, and maybe I can interest her to "play" with me using all this stuff.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Experimenting and playing

One of my recent favorite coloring medium is  (are?) the Derwent Inktense Blocks.  I have a set of 24 bought at Amazon and love them.  They are intense colors if you want them to be but light watercolor looking if you want that also.  Most importantly, when dry, they are permanent and you can use on fabric, paper, etc.

 I have been using some things made with my Cameo (mostly stencils, but I thought, hmmm, wonder how some of my early foam cuts would work used as stamps.  Remember one of my earliest foam cuts of girl swinging on tree?
I turned her over, spritzed backside with water from a fine mist spray bottle then swiped the blocks over different parts to color them, yellow for hair, blue for dress, some neutral skin tones and browns and green for leaves, etc, --here is a picture of  the smeary mess--

 then turned her over (just used my fingers with a paper towel to press down onto paper, and here is what I got:
here is a picture after stamping showing the blocks I used.
Then I took the dancers from another early experiment in cutting foam on the Cameo
Did the same thing as above
and stamped this

I love the painterly, watercolorey look of these.  I also sprayed cosmetic sponge onto stencils I made with the Cameo and created these pages in my sample book.

another foam geometric stamped on page using inktense as well:
and here are shots of samples using stencils cut with Cameo and inktense blocks

Monday, May 05, 2014

and this little pot makes me smile

Used end of soda pop bottle (large) to make this and hurriedly decorated to get into kiln but these stick figures always make me smile:

and more from the kiln

You saw the video using silkscreens on this vessel
here is the finished product:
earlier posting on this vessel

More from the kiln

I was asked to create a plate for a granmother to be--with a sentiment in Spanish which I created from a silkscreen I made.  The shape and decoration of the plate came from this foam cut:
Finished plate came out of kiln yesterday.  Grandmother was pleased and will present it to her daughter at the baby shower:

Foam Template cut with Cameo use with clay --Tree Vessel

Here is a step by step from cutting forest in foam to final vessel

Sunday, May 04, 2014

A few finished pieces

Unloaded my kiln today will post more later but the bowls I made using the foam template turned out pretty nice.  Used Spectrum low fire glaze "Old Copper"  single  fired to cone 04.
Made two of these using the foam template I covered in this post:

The square plate below was made using this template

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Video showing using silkscreens on clay

Links to where I purchased items used in making silkscreens and using them.
InkJet Transparencies:  box of 20 from Amazon  $21.26 Prime incl tax
$1.06 each

Sources for emulsion coated sheets:

Sheets cost about:  $9.00--$14.00 each if you buy the 5 pkg plus shipping.  

polypropylene page protectors:  100 for $12.82 (Prime including tax)  $.13 each

Colour Shaper Painting Tool, Flat Chisel, Soft, Size 0   $6.99