Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Another exciting bundle from Hungry JPEG

I recently purchased two more of the offerings from Hungry JPEG.  I have written, in general, many times before,  here and here, and here about how wonderful their bundles are, in value and quality.   I am sometimes tempted to buy some of the individual offerings, and I do, but the "bundles" are the absolute best bargains ever.  Let me talk about the one I am working on now.  It is called The Hipster Graphic Pack and is packed with so many wonderful graphics.  This package is only $19 and if you have a twitter account and tweet, price drops to $17.10.  As explained in my previous posts, if you are from USA, best to pay with paypal directly from your checking account so you don't get caught up in VAT (Value Added Tax) which might get added if you use a credit card.  Also, the downloads are very large zip files that need to be extracted.  Sometimes, I use a batch processing utility which is a part of a free software program called IRFANVIEW, and I spoke about that in this video and also showed how I trace the images and use the Silhouette Studio software to work with these graphics.

Well, now onto the Hipster Graphic Pack.  

Here is a little video (well maybe longer than I intended)  looking at the wonderful graphics in this bundle  Remember, when you buy these bundles you get complete Commercial License to use in products you make and sell, and the files you purchase are downloadable from their site forever.

Here is the sticker on a card "work in progress" to give you an idea how they look on colored cardstock