Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting into Ceramic Jewelry

After lugging heavy pots, etc to shows, I have decided to try my hand at making some ceramic jewelry pieces.  A lot lighter and could be fun.  I will have to get busy getting them on chains, earwires, findings, etc., but here is a peek at some of the bits I have been making several using my silkscreens.  All of these are midrange stoneware, porcelain mix.  They are pretty I think and I might be able to do something with them. The ones with dark backgrounds are really a glaze that looks like silver, though it is hard to photograph and show as silver.

Hooked on Houses

Sold the first "houses" platter, and now have a few more pieces in that theme

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Clay Book

For over a year now I have been toying with an idea to make a clay book.  I especially wanted to feature several techniques, particularly my silkscreens in this book.  I made 4 slabs and decorated them, but broke two before firing, so the other two (actually two sided), were just hanging around after bisque firing.  I finally glazed them and fired them and this is what resulted:
I am not entirely happy and need to fine tune the idea a little.  It is appealing though but the ceramic noise  when pages come together is a little daunting.  I just saw Ellen Currans Pottery on the west coast had a similar notion and made a book as well,  I like the way she treated the ends with thread to compensate for the sound.  I had just laid out some paper pages that I was going add in the middle, maybe sewing them with threads, and with a little batting in the middle.  Also have not dismissed the idea of fabric inserts also.  A work in progress, I think I will try this again.