Thursday, August 10, 2017

Objects on a path, new tool with SS Version 4.1

I show what I learned this morning, easy peasy way to use new tool and fun to play with:

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Magic color card

A dear friend has posted on Facebook, several videos showing the astonishment, wonder, and delight experienced by people young and old who are colorblind and see color for the first time.  These videos are truly wonderful when we see them put on special glasses that enable them to see color for the first time. You can Google to see some of these videos. It reminds us all that we take so many of our gifts for granted.

So, as it is my friend's birthday, and I just saw a video by Lindsay, the frugal crafter, I decided to make a similar card.  I have to admit, I found an image I wanted to use and printed it on cardstock and transparency, also used my Silhouette Studio software to design the various elements, and layout.  Also hand colored using watercolors.  Here is a video of my card.