Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Concealment Idea that needs more work

There has been a place in my kitchen that has outlets with wires to phone/lamp, etc. For years this lovely majolica plate (no I didn't make it), has tried to hide the area.

Now I have a new potential fix, this ceramic screen which was designed to hide that area and provide illumination through the holes (I have a small lamp behind it). Unfortunately while decorating it broke and I had to mend it before final glazing and last firing. It has held together, but has some weak spots as a result. I may refine the idea a bit and create a new one. This lovely sheep was painted from one of my favorite photos taken in Ireland in 2001. I have always wanted to use it somewhere. I also used ceramic raised accents which you can see in the closeup, I love the shaggy sheep idea. Also decided to play around with a quotation that might help geet the message across. I like it for now, but will work on another one later I think.

Now for some more "creative concealment" ideas

Have you ever wondered why all toothbrush holders stand up? I have, and wondered why there hasn't been a better invention. So, because I can do things with ceramic now, I thought I would have a go at a different design. Here is the "old" toothbrush holder, with slime dripping down and catching at the bottom, messing up counter, etc., see my green toothbrush for a clue to the direction I am heading.

YUCK! I don't even like looking at toothbrushes and wanted a way to hide them but still have them accessible.

Here is my new invention, it works, but a friend commented that it looked like "paraphernalia", and I don't think that is a good thing--so I need to find a more pleasing look for these toothbrush tubes.

More on these ladies

I sold the first "lady" I made and enjoy making them, here is a picture of the first one I sold in her new home. I am honored that she is standing next to an original "Claude Howell" sketch (he is an artistic legend here in Wilmington)

I will be making a series of these in different attitudes, etc. I love them.

The third one I have finished may be in an art exhibit late in September, it will be my first art exhibit and I love this lady, not sure what to call her though, perhaps
"Rooted and Reaching", let me know if you have any other ideas. I was amazed she made it through all the processes, but she did, so she is tougher than I thought.

Several posts, lots of new stuff

Aargh! I can't believe I messed up, but it was a long, long post, with lots of pictures, which I created whilst trying to blog. Made one critical error in enlarging a picture in the preview and lost the whole posting. I have had a Mojito too, so no telling what is coming through to all of you, but here goes, I will try again. First, I had taken several pictures of this lady sculpture, and it seemed a great idea to create an animated GIF to show her doing the Macarena (or some such dance), and I was learning on the fly exactly how to do that. So this post will cut off with her (so I don't lose it again), then I will continue with a new post. I have indeed figured out how to create this animated GIF, and how to put her up at and share her antics with you all. Hope you don't get dizzy watching her, not the greatest achievement, but I wanted to learn something new. She might look different the next time I see her since she is back on the glaze firing shelf to fix a bit of her top that didn't get glazed the first time, "and" might mute those polka dots a bit, but for now she is a "wild and crazy" lady. Ta Da!!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

I think silliness is the "only" universal language and it is GOOD! If this doesn't make you smile, nothing will.