Saturday, May 13, 2017

Create your own Adult Coloring Books/pages

Only better since you will end us with stickers to use on cards, gifts, packaging etc.
Because my printer is not cooperating with me doing Print and Cut, I have found another way, I call Sketch, Cut then Color. I have found it is a lot of fun to color the designs myself with things I have on hand, I use Watercolors, (Derwent Inktense Blocks), but you can use almost any coloring medium, ink, crayons, markers etc.  I find the full sheet labels I get from Online Labels take color nicely, you may want to experiment.,

this was design before I added black accents with a pen. In the video below you can see final image.
You might want to make up sheets, oh OK, you can use your printer and do regular print and cut if you have a reliable printer, but you don't get to use whole page because of registration marks, but now you have two options, so for the budding artist in your world, pages like these with their favorite images, cartoons, animals, etc. for them to color, then use their art as stickers might make nice gifts,. 
Here is last video, I made

This is the erasable pen I used for my last sheet of stickers.

These are images I traced, from Hungry Jpeg, Vintage Floral Pack, only $3 and I believe they are having a 20% off sale now.

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