Friday, December 21, 2007

Must stop playing now and get serious about Christmas

I love these bugs! Had fun playing as you can see, but now I have to get busy finishing up chores for holiday. I spent all day yesterday playing in the mud, getting things glazed, fussing with things in various stages, must now concentrate on getting ready for Christmas, then back to the studio to play some more. I made a lovely tiny barnacle bowl that will be put in the final glaze kiln but not be out before the new year. I threw a pear vase and altered it, that is drying now and another textured vase, and I threw my best bowl yet --also drying now. My glazing leaves a lot to be desired and does not meet my expectations on all pieces, but each one is a learning experience. I also learn much from other potters there and their successes. I have another spectacular piece mulling around in my head which I will donate to a foundation fund raiser (if it turns out as well as I have envisioned in my head). Maybe I will post again before Christmas, but I must now get off the computer and get started!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Inspired by Red

This morning I am inspired also by red, and the posting at Block Party Press in which she observes:
"One thing I think the cardinal can teach us is to not be afraid to stand out, or to be afraid to create things that stand out. While most animals try to hide and blend in with their environment, the bright red cardinal is bold and is more concerned with attracting a mate than hiding from predators."

Her posting reminded me of the photos I took several years ago of cardinals in the snow one winter. Here in Wilmington, NC, we manage to get a sprinkling of snow once every five or six years or so. I can count two times in the last ten years! But in keeping with our holiday season, red seems appropriate.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

My latest vase

Jaca, this is the vase I was talking about!