Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Placemats to Purses

One of my many hobbies is making purses out of placemats, something I just love to do.  I have made quite a few for gifts and they seem to go over well.  Over time, I have improved my methods to make them sturdier and more attractive.  My latest invention was adding cute little feet for the purses.  I did not have any of the "proper" feet handy,   but I had quite a few magnetic snaps that I used to close the purses.  I had ordered about 100 from ebay.  Another of my hobbies is playing with polymer clay, so I made little feet with colors that matched the quilted pattern, and put the magnetic snaps at the bottom with feet made of polymer clay with the other side of the snap embedded into it so that the feet can snap on and off.  This way, the handle can be removed and the feet snapped off, and the whole thing thrown in the wash when needed.  I find mismatched or broken sets of placemats to make these.    Below is a slideshow of other placemat handbags I have made.