Thursday, June 15, 2017

Using sketch plus fill technique on vellum

In my previous posts using pens in Silhouette Cameo, I showed and explained how to fill in fonts using internal offset, which is most like the method you would use to fill in a font or design by hand.  I think it creates the best results and is worth the little time it takes to create filled text and images.  I am just so pleased to be able to do this.

 In the video in last post, I covered Pros and Cons of using the sketch function in lieu of a printer.  One of the advantages of being able to do this is using a variety of materials that would not easily go through printer, and you don't need stamps or inks, that are fraught with other challenges, placement and smudging, etc.  Regular rollerball, or gel pens and your Cameo are all you need.

 We recently got a catalog in the mail with two 5.5" x 11.5" pieces of vellum, One

had only "Summer 2017" printed on it and lots of blank space, so I thought I would try to use my fill then sketch technique.  I scribbled with several of my pens on the edge of vellum to see which pen I wanted to use.  This is the result, vellum is still on cutting mat which you can see beneath the vellum.

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