Thursday, November 30, 2006

Flaky Cat

Couldn't resist, was making a few more snowflakes when Beau walked by:

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snowflakes in Wilmington, NC!

that's what it is! My dear sister who is undergoing chemo (for a whole year), sent me a beautiful snowflake lace ornament she had made. It got to me too late last year to put on tree, so I had it pinned up on my bulletin board near my computer so I could admire it every day. Then, I saw a posting on my Great Impressions forum posted by Tracy, which led me to this wonderful site showcasing paper snowflakes and I thought, why not use my sister's ornament as the theme for my tree this year and have fun making all those snowflakes, sooooo, my daughter and I put up our tree on Friday and the snowflake madness began. You all know I am not content to just show one picture when a whole slideshow would be better, so, yes, yet another slideshow. I apologize for some of the not-so-clear photos as I am still not adept at using closeup lens in low lighting, but you all get the idea.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Pink and White, must be Fall!

The painters finished last week and we have been busy putting everything back. As most of you know from looking at my photobucket albums, I have a lot of "stuff" DH says junk surrounding the house on porch and patio. Although this is a problem during hurricane season, most of the time, I enjoy these homey outdoor spaces and am willing to put up with the extra work. I put my hayrack back up and like it even better than against the green siding. Haven't added any color in there yet though. You all know how much I love making slideshows, never content to show just "one" picture. As usual, Fall in Wilmington, NC is mostly pinks and whites with a little purple sage thrown in the mix. I do have one maple with fall colors but didn't include it since pink and white is the theme here. I have azaleas blooming and my most favorite one, the bright pink with white edges, that I bought years ago as a florist azalea (told they can't be put outdoors, but this baby has produced lovely blooms every spring "and" fall for me.) I have had no luck propagating it, and would love to have more.
Well the slideshow will reveal the new White House and what is going on around it.