Friday, May 16, 2008

In Lovely Company!

Sweet Donna of The Decorated House, has included my "dancing gal" in one of Etsy treasuries. I haven't figured out how this is done, but I am honored to be included. I will be putting up lots more stuff in my Etsy shop after my return from a vacation (like I need a vacation with such a glorious life?), but I have always wanted to visit Greece and Turkey and in a weak moment DH said yes, so we will be joining three other couples on a tour to these exotic places. I don't want to put much up in the store since I won't be around to fill any orders, etc. so I will just wait until I get back to test a few other pieces. I have just made a lovely birdhouse decorated with silkscreens, etc. and it is waiting to go to bisque firing. Have several other things in the process as well. This new hobby is quite addictive.
Hope you all are enjoying this glorious spring!