Friday, September 24, 2010

Taken on her Debut

Lorelei won a Best in Category award by Juror of the Landfall Art Show.  She also was sold and "renamed."  Her new owner is a lovely woman who is presently undergoing cancer treatment.  When she saw her, she couldn't sleep that night thinking about her.  Lorelei's new name is "Hope." She has found a wonderful home.

Two more pieces that just got out of the kiln for the second day of the show.  One of my favorites sold and I never got a photo of her after glazing.  She sold two hours after I set her up.   Here are some photos of her while drying.  She really looked great after glazing.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Lorelei, my first full size figure all in ceramic clay

Finally, she is finished and quite sturdy with five separate pieces. She will make her debut at the Landfall Art Show next weekend and if she doesn't find a home there, I will put her in the Arboretum Show in October. Hopefully by Christmas she will be in a good home. I enjoyed the challenge of making her, but not sure I will be attempting anything quite this adventurous any time soon. More photos of her and a video can be seen here.