Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trying to help those who aren't able to use embossing tool for sketchfill plus tips

I did quick video to show version of software I am using on my Windows 10, laptop, This video recaps the whole process, I also cover tips on the note function, how to cut your sketched images by using "cut by line", also how to quickly edit a cut file to cut by editing points, then welding them so project can be cut out as one, also show you how I save my cut files to make sure they do not disappear some day in cloud.   Hope you all can benefit from this.  Please let me know if this solves your issue with not being able to use the emboss function to sketchfill. 

Monday, October 02, 2017

Cutting Sketched Images in Silhouette Studio V4

Amy Vining just asked how to cut sketched images, this quick video hopefully answers that question.  I may have added a cut line when it was not necessary.  I think because the Silhouette Studio programmers have changed sketched lines to blue, I think they have left the original cut line of the image in red, so all you would need to do is cut by line. With pen, sketch(cut) the blue lines, change to blade, uncheck the blue line and check the red line to cut outline.  I added an outline of the image and designated it as a black line.  I did not have time to take the whole project to my machine test it.  But it will work either way.  FORGET EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT THE RED LINE.  THE REASON THERE WAS A RED LINE CHOICE, WAS BECAUSE MY ORIGINAL TRACED OUTLINE WAS ON THE MAT, AND THAT WAS THE RED LINE.  SO SORRY I CONFUSED MYSELF AND EVERYONE ELSE.  MY BLACK LINE METHOD IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE OUTLINE CUT.  Gee, I wish the programmer had made that feature, whereby the original outline gets retained with a red cut line while the sketched interior stays blue, maybe in future update? Apologize for solid caps, not yelling, but was hoping to clarify.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Objects on a path, new tool with SS Version 4.1

I show what I learned this morning, easy peasy way to use new tool and fun to play with:

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Magic color card

A dear friend has posted on Facebook, several videos showing the astonishment, wonder, and delight experienced by people young and old who are colorblind and see color for the first time.  These videos are truly wonderful when we see them put on special glasses that enable them to see color for the first time. You can Google to see some of these videos. It reminds us all that we take so many of our gifts for granted.

So, as it is my friend's birthday, and I just saw a video by Lindsay, the frugal crafter, I decided to make a similar card.  I have to admit, I found an image I wanted to use and printed it on cardstock and transparency, also used my Silhouette Studio software to design the various elements, and layout.  Also hand colored using watercolors.  Here is a video of my card.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How I "excercise" my design skills on Silhouette Studio and other tips

Here is another video showing easy trace and sketchfill of designs plus some description of way I handle my files (so I don't have to rely on Library), added value, I can see my cut files better than in a tiny library icon.  I only put image files in my library that I have elsewhere on my computer,  mostly from downloads from Hungry JPEG.  Some other tips included:

Friday, June 30, 2017

Still experimenting with sketching

Although my printer isn't printing, the scanner works, so here are my steps
I slathered ink all over a 12" x 19" sheet of white label paper. I order these label sheets here: 

I used a stash of Distress Inks I have and just covered the whole sheet with the ink. Here is a picture:

Then I scanned in that big sheet, I couldn't figure out how to scan it in its entirety, so I did it in sections then grouped them together like a puzzle.  I only use this to put on my mat so I can figure out where I want to sketch and cut.  Here is a pic of my screen and a butterfly which I had sketchfilled, sketched with a pen, then cut around edge with blade.
Here is the sheet coming out of the Cameo:

Then I lifted the sticker off the sheet and placed onto wax paper to use in a project later:

I can now insert that painted label sheet any time I want and place other designs on it to sketch and cut.  Very handy to have the scanned version of the sheet for color placement, etc.

After design, getting Cameo to sketch

Following video shows how I get pen ready to sketch, also how to test adjustments so pen will sketch, then included a few missteps in process, so you can see nothing always works perfectly, but you then can see Cameo sketch over a watercolor background.  NOTE, when I say PRINT, I really mean SKETCH, no printer used.