Tuesday, June 14, 2016

video silkscreening logo1

The above video  might be helpful for those who want to use silkscreens on their pottery.  Actually, this commission piece enabled me to use almost all of the techniques I have learned, The plate itself was made from a lowfire white clay slab, impressed with a foam texture  that I made using my Silhouette Cameo.  Click here to see original posting showing finished plate. 

In the linked posting, you can see the foam cut I made to create the shape and decoration of the plate
One thing I didn't mention in that entry was that I did all the glazing and decorating on greenware "and" single fired the whole thing at cone 04.  I wanted the front of the plate to be whiter than the clay body, so used white underglaze on the font of the plate, then silkscreened the spanish sentiment on top of the white underglaze, then used clear glaze over the whole thing.  
I have made hundreds of foam cuts on my Silhouette Cameo to use with my clay and in other hobbies,
you can see many of the foam cuts here

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stickers and cards and Cameo

Some time ago I was inspired by an image I saw for a card wish I had credit info for this, but can't seem to find where I saw it several weeks ago (maybe months) :

I had been excited to try to make some similar to this, since I had purchased a bundle of great illustrations from Hungry JPEG, really some great images and gorgeous bundles of illustrated bouquets.  The link to the bundle I purchased is here

When you see the image I used, you can see how much it resembles the above inspiration.
Anyway, I tried several attempts at making stickers to do the job.  Several posts ago, I mentioned how much I love the full page labels I have gotten from OnLine Labels.  I have the 8.5" x 11" size as well as the larger 12" x 18" since I have a wide format printer, I wanted to have this size as well.  I started out with some success which motivated me to print and cut lots of stickers, but I kept messing around until I could not get a close cut and couldn't unravel which "clever (lol)" tricks I employed as I went along.  Needless to say, I got things to cut badly (I will have another post on that, I was going to trash the whole thing, but then found another way to use the messed up cuts --more on that later).

Then there was a thread on Yahoo's Silhouette Users Group with several suggestions on how to correct this problem.  The best solution, as usual, came from Kay Hall here:

So today, I decided to tackle the project "again."  I used the Silhouette Software and traced outer edge of image, grouped them with the print version of the Hungry JPEG image and printed them "from a saved PDF file, of this layout:
Here is the printed version from the PDF file I had saved, opened and printed

Now I can peel off the stickers and arrange them on a kraft card and envelope I made.  The object was to be able to see the Kraft paper through the tiny openings of the finely cut sticker and I think I am very happy with this Finally!!  I was able to fold the stickers around the edges and to the other side of both card and envelope.  I won't go into all the other "failures" but with Kay Hall's instructions I could keep it simple and got the job done.  Hope this helps anyone struggling with making stickers using label paper.  Here also is pic of my settings, using the Silhouette blade "but" I have it set at 8, not 2 as shown on this screenshot.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Part 2 of "foiling using Alleen's Tack it over & Over"

Received my fine liner bottles and couldn't wait to try it out!

Foiling without laminator on fabric and cardstock and foam

I have been experimenting with several techniques for foiling on different materials.  I will have several posts on how my experiments turn out.  There are several YouTube videos on using adhesives, like double stick tape, and Tombow glue, but I wondered if Alleene"s Tack It over & Over would work,  Here is a video showing these experiments:

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hungry JPEG review of Craftalicious Bundle

I am very impressed with the quantity and quality of items included in this bundle.  I have purchased several other of their bundles and have found them easy to use in a number of ways, printing and cutting with my Silhouette Cameo (would likewise be useful with the Cricut and other cutters).  I encourage you to review this bundle and see if there are items you can use. If you count all the individual cut files, they count to nearly 400!  They come in several formats--DXF, EPS, PNG, and SVG, the most useful for us Cameo owners with the Design Edition.  The bundle includes 7 fonts as well.

Here are a few tips that might be helpful:

1.  Cost is only $19  a huge bargain for such quality and quantity of files,  I usually use PayPal for my payments and have amount taken out of bank acct.  Just be sure you don't use a credit card that charges overseas transaction fees.  Many do, some don't, but you will want to be sure you don't use a card that does.

2.  One thing nice about Hungry JPEG is that they always have all of my purchases on line, so if I need to download them on one of my other devices (new computer, etc), they are there "forever."
"All" in the bundle can be used commercially for any products you make using them.  This is wonderful for those who sell their work:  Commercial License & Lifetime Download Guarantee

3.  The bundle downloads are usually huge files, maybe 400+ MB.  The reason  is they provide so many formats and such high resolution of everything.  Nice that you can download, take what you need, then delete file, knowing you can download it again when you need it.  I usually save all the .SVG files and font files on my hard drive to keep, then delete the rest of the bundle.

4.  One file is called Documentation, check this out and you will find answers to virtually any issue or problem.  I have had to email them before (probably didn't read all this thoroughly enough), but their support is also awesome (used email).

5. If you have Design Edition, just click on the SVG files and they can open in your Silhouette Software,  Just a couple of tips here, you don't have to trace, just set designs to "cut"  resize, move, etc.  and play to your heart's content, DON'T MEAN TO YELL HERE, BUT DON'T WANT YOU TO MISS THIS,  BE SURE TO CHECK THE LINE SIZE AND SET IT TO 0.  FOR SOME REASON, THESE FILES ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY SET TO 0.

If you count all the various cut files, it amounts to $.05 per file and they are excellent designs.

Hope you benefit from these tips, I am not affiliated in any way nor receive anything from Hungry JPEG other than the great proucts I have purchased and great support.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Latex resist on tiny terracotta pots from Dollar Tree

I have been playing with an experiment using little flower pots I bought from Dollar Tree 3 for 1$.  I wanted to use latex resist to decorate them.  The first video is here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

amazing what hot glue ceramic bits and gold/silver leaf can produce

Some time ago, I had made a whole bunch of disc beads from ceramic, low fire clay which I then colored using several colors of Gilders Wax to produce the pretty disc beads you see with a hole in the middle --I didn't use them all so you can see what they looked like at the bottom of the top picture
above.  They have been hanging around for quite a while and I did not feel like making the necklace I had originally planned on making with these.  Then recently, I went back to making some wider silver and gold bangle type bracelets, see pics below. 

Then I thought some of the plain earrings could use a little gold and started adding it to earrings I already made (and of course using my hand colored papers for boxes and leftover bits to decorate card:

 Also I had experimented with using some of my painted deli paper to make bangles with hot glue as well, see this posting and this one. and this one too.  I did several videos showing how I made the bracelets here

Since I have been making lots of ceramic bits and they are piling up waiting for me to do something with them, 

it was only a matter of time til I integrated them into the glue/silver/gold foil techniques.   
Here are some pics showing some of the ceramic earrings, etc with gold/silver embellishments, now my brain is working to use more of these in interesting bracelet ideas.  I like the bracelets with the glue as bangles, so easy to put them on just before heading out the door, they are lightweight, and don't bang on tables or hurt your arm.  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sketching in Pencil on Watercolor Paper using Silhouette Cameo

I have been wanting to try this and it works!  I am trying to improve my watercolor skills, these designs are not my own, I regret I cannot provide originators, but I was able to pull into Silhouette program, convert to cut lines, then sketch with #2 pencil on watercolor paper.  The birds have been colored by hand (no brainer really), but will work on the foxes later as an exercise to improve my techniques.  I had started making a list of the reasons one would use the Cameo sketch function instead of just printing designs with printer.  It wasn't until recently that I discovered thanks to the thread on silhouetteusers@yahoogroups.com which triggered the addition of using erasable pencil, which you couldn't get with an inkjet printer, anyway, here is my list of when/why one would use the sketch function instead of a printer,

here are just some of the reasons to use the sketch function:

--You can use metallic inked pens/pencils (something you can't do with printer) If not metallic, printer does just as well producing colors, etc

--You can use 12" wide media, which most printers (Unless you have a wide format printer) can't do--also you can use longer media in the Cameo as well.

--You can use a wet embossing pen to sketch onto stuff, then add embossing powder and heat with heat gun to get interesting raised effects/colors.  Don't think a printer can do this.
See my experiences doing this here: 

--Now I can add sketching with pencil!  which can be erased later, unlike a printed image.

And here are some videos showing machine sketching on watercolor paper

And here is the Cameo sketching very detailed design of foxes (again, not my design), which I will work on in the next few days, really impressed with ability of Cameo t do this:

and here is a picture of the finished sketch: