Saturday, August 30, 2014

painted deli paper bangle bracelet looks like glass

Trying new ways to use this deli paper.  I am obsessed.  Bracelet made by wrapping paper around glass tumbler sized for wrist--hot glue added to edges top and bottom painted glue black then rubbed with tulip red Baroque Art Gilders Paste.  Discs are dollar tree cutting mats run thru big die on big shot with bits of paper to make earrings.  The bracelet looks like glass.  Fun.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Hot Glue and Painted Deli Wrap paper to make Bangle Bracelets How to Make them

Here is a video showing how I make them.  Sorry that the camera is not angled properly and some of the demo is not in the center of the video, but I think you will get the idea "and" I will have to figure out a different position for my camera (which is the Samsung Tablet), my tripod doesn't seem to have a great position to do this, but I will figure it out and get it better.  Anyway, here goes:

Friday, July 25, 2014

More cards and envelopes made with painted deli wrap paper

Two more cards (but lots more deli paper painted), I am amazed at how much thought to details goes into card making.  The envelopes are just plain fun and easy to make, but selection of glue, one for the flaps to make the envelope, but another for the top to "lick and seal"  then how about address labels?  These I cut out of full page sticky back labels.  I had used these in previous posts as I painted both sides and/or used gelli plate, but now I am using them to provide address labels to those who will buy my cards and need them.  I have been experimenting with all the various options.  I tried using watered down Aleene's repositionable glue for the top, but then I needed to cut strips off of document holders (polypropylene) which will cover the sticky bit until ready to seal/mail.  But now I found a recipe for DIY lick and stick glue here, which I will make and try when I get some gelatin.  So I have

1. Painted the papers (really fun part), now being sure I paint as much to the edges of the deli wrap paper as possible so I can have some coordinating bits to use on the cards.  Sometimes several sessions of painting were required, using various techniques to include scraping paint, gelli printing, stamping, stenciling, silkscreeningtexturizing by scraping over embossing folders or texture plates, drywall tape, etc.

2.  Using the Envelope board, make the envelopes

3.  Using my Printer and Cameo Digital Cutting/ "print cut" functions (see posting below for picture of layout), printed cardstock with sentiments in either cloud shapes or later I used banner shapes and with my "handmade by" on the back of the cards. 

 After printing each sheet, must run through the digital cutter to cut out the card and sentiment shapes

4.  Glue envelope flaps.

5.  Using scraps from edges of deli paper, run through various dies on my Big Kick using Bigz dies mostly, getting the zigzag cuts, flowers, etc.  See these in my plastic baggies here:
6.  Now the challenging part, using the bits to create a card.  I prefer a clean and simple style, although I will probably not always achieve it.  In addition to the two made and shown in my previous blog entry, I now have two more, at this rate, I will still be at it until Christmas!  Here are more pics of the  two new ones:

7.  Need to run the sentiments through the Xyron sticker machine so that customers (or I) will be able to choose which one I want to use.  

8.  Address labels are also made and included (Note each sentiment is edged with markers to coordinate with the card, and the address label also embellished with marker. 

All this for $5.00 each?  I plan to give all proceeds to my local charitable foundation.  Maybe I will get faster at accomplishing all these tasks, but I keep getting new ideas.  Believe it or not, the tiny bits I have snipped off the corners of the envelopes are also going to be used.  More on that later in later posts when I actually use them.