Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Easy Stroppel Cane, turned into earrings

In late March I was watching Kalyana live tutorial, cannot now remember which specific one, however.  I learn so many tips watching these.  In one she demonstrated the Stroppel Cane and made into veneer then used in a cuff bracelet.  I was inspired to try one myself with a scrap cane.  When slicing, I decided to align the slices in opposite alignment more like a basket weave.  Here is a picture showing the cane block, the veneer and a pair of earrings made from the veneer.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Alcohol ink on polymer clay Part 2

Shows adding color in background, can continue to layer more silkscreens on top, plus other techniques

How to look around and use what you have

In the process of making the video in the last post, I jury-rigged a setup to get a nice closeup of the project.  I used what I had, just setting my eyes on things around me.  turns out the video turned out pretty good, I do like closeups of work.  I used my phone's camera (I have a MotoZ Play phone) and when I borrowed my husband's phone, I decided to reveal the setup.  So if you all have anything to share and want to do a quick video, just look around you.  Good window light is quite important.  See following video where I showed (behind the scenes, lol) recording of the video I posted yesterday:

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Circling back to older hobby Polymer Clay

It has been a very long time since posting, I have gone back to an old hobby of mine and have learned new tricks.  One thing I have been able to do is crossover many of my skills/techniques to almost all of the hobbies.  Making Polymer Clay jewelry has been more fun for me this time around.  I am also finding new ways to apply my old skills to Polymer Clay. Most recently, similar to making labels on my Silhouette Studio Cameo by sketching outlines in black, then painting them in as I need them, as I did here, and here.  So now I am using similar approach with my polymer clay, silkscreen designs on raw clay, let dry, then apply color as needed using alcohol inks and Inktense blocks:
Here is a video showing that process:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trying to help those who aren't able to use embossing tool for sketchfill plus tips

I did quick video to show version of software I am using on my Windows 10, laptop, This video recaps the whole process, I also cover tips on the note function, how to cut your sketched images by using "cut by line", also how to quickly edit a cut file to cut by editing points, then welding them so project can be cut out as one, also show you how I save my cut files to make sure they do not disappear some day in cloud.   Hope you all can benefit from this.  Please let me know if this solves your issue with not being able to use the emboss function to sketchfill. 

Monday, October 02, 2017

Cutting Sketched Images in Silhouette Studio V4

Amy Vining just asked how to cut sketched images, this quick video hopefully answers that question.  I may have added a cut line when it was not necessary.  I think because the Silhouette Studio programmers have changed sketched lines to blue, I think they have left the original cut line of the image in red, so all you would need to do is cut by line. With pen, sketch(cut) the blue lines, change to blade, uncheck the blue line and check the red line to cut outline.  I added an outline of the image and designated it as a black line.  I did not have time to take the whole project to my machine test it.  But it will work either way.  FORGET EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT THE RED LINE.  THE REASON THERE WAS A RED LINE CHOICE, WAS BECAUSE MY ORIGINAL TRACED OUTLINE WAS ON THE MAT, AND THAT WAS THE RED LINE.  SO SORRY I CONFUSED MYSELF AND EVERYONE ELSE.  MY BLACK LINE METHOD IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE OUTLINE CUT.  Gee, I wish the programmer had made that feature, whereby the original outline gets retained with a red cut line while the sketched interior stays blue, maybe in future update? Apologize for solid caps, not yelling, but was hoping to clarify.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Objects on a path, new tool with SS Version 4.1

I show what I learned this morning, easy peasy way to use new tool and fun to play with: