Sunday, April 13, 2014

Using my Cameo for stencils and silkscreens

Here is notebook etc. Shows painted samples of stencils and silkscreens.  I cut stencils from page protectors mostly made of thin polypropylene but use the Cameo SD software to trace images then fill with black  to include black lines. I then print onto transparency which is used to make a silk screen

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Here's another pot made with foam cut

Made with foam cut below creating raised tree branches
After painting with brown underglaze  Next time, will do this with breaking glazes which will break on the raised parts, much easier

Another foam cut finished piece

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Finally, putting it all together

Kiln opened this morning, lost 3 pots due to cracking.  I think I glazed the layers on these before previous layers could dry.  Need to be more careful in future.  However, some things did turn out and I learned a whole lot.  This first set is from two pots handbuilt using my foam texture templates.  I love these and will use these glazing combos again.  The blue pooling at bottom of first one was a nice surprise.
I thought I had posted the pictures of these while I was making them, with the foam cuts, but I didn't, so here are those pictures:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Plate Progress using templates

Anxious to use my templates yesterday, I proceeded.  I used my green foam template to cut out the plate outline.  I could have gone directly to the pattern and cut out the plate and impress design at the same time, but I had the outline template so used it.  The above video shows my application of the "negative" foam design creating raised image.

Then I decided the exercise ball would be perfect to shape plate before I put the foot on:

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Taking things one step further

Now that I have the templates for plate shape "and" foot placement, thought I would create a template that would create raised design on the plate where I want it, here are these templates, can use either one, they each will raise different parts of the design.  The pictures look hazy because I forgot to take pictures before I sprinkled with baby powder (cornstarch would work as well) so the packing tape won't be sticky in the parts that touch clay.  Foam doesn't stick, but the packing tape creates a slight pull on the clay if I don't sprinkle with powder.

Monday, January 06, 2014

How do I love thee, let me count the ways-----my Cameo of course!

More ways my Cameo Digital Cutter is aiding my pottery work
The software Designer Edition enabled me to quickly make a template following the excellent advice from today's edition of Ceramic Daily    Liz Zlot Summerfield shared her great technique for getting a slab foot just right and I love the shape of her plate.  Using my Silhouette Cameo Software and my favorite Dollar Tree Foam (which now comes in larger size), I was able to quickly create the templates needed to make perfect feet for plates every time.  The software has such nifty tools, ---first I used a tool I hadn't had occasion to use before,  I created an oval then copied it and rotated it to be vertical clicked both of them-- used the alignment tools to center them
Then used the select all, went to the Modify window and for the first time I was able to use the Divide tool which cut all the bits into separate elements.  You can see the parts I wanted for my plate shape in green here:
Then I spliced 1 and 1/2 sheets of my foam together so I could get the 12x12" size I wanted, and then let my silhouette Cameo cut out the green shape as a template for the plate.  
Then having the overall template (green), I went back to the software, made a smaller version in yellow again, using the cernter/middle alignment tools and offset another one in the middle to get the pattern for the foot and a perfect placement template.  All this took less time than to write up this entry in my blog.