Wednesday, October 08, 2014

More experiments with those Ranger "Emboss It" Pens

OK, so you don't have a Cricut, Explore, or even a Silhouette Cameo, those embossing pens are still pretty wonderful.  Just print out whatever designs/images you want on whatever project you are working on, and use pens to trace over design.  Then sprinkle with embossing powder and zap with heat gun and you get the same effect.  I had previously printed designs onto deli paper and blogged it here:   see the kids on bicycles that I "printed" in gray, just to test what I would get, but now I quickly scribbled over them with the black Emboss It Pen then sprinkled it with fine clear embossing powder, and now it looks like this (I intentionally didn't fill in everything to see what it would look like),

Then I tried using Embossing Pen in Black on other Deli Paper.  I had printed butterflies in Blue and printed them onto deli paper but they were too faded so I traced a couple with the embossing pen in black and doodled on paper also and here is result:
Then I wondered if the emboss it pen would work on the fabric I printed of one of my painted deli papers and it worked sort of.  I still had the fabric on the carrier sheet and had not removed it, so I traced over a butterfly that I had printed, in these pictures you can see the powder sprinkled on the half of the butterfly I had traced with the emboss it pen, then a pic of what it looked like after using heat gun.  It left a texture, but not the smooth shiny texture you get on a non pourous surface, but I guess I could go over it again and build up layers  Anyway good for experimenting:

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