Friday, October 17, 2014

Update on using embossing pen in Cameo

I bought the new penholders from Amazon, hoping they would work with the embossing pens from Ranger in the Cameo, but none of them worked, so back to plan B, simple and cheap foam cushions from dollar store, I had tried to push these onto the pens without any luck, plus they were too narrow to fit the Cameo,"but" I sliced it down and it worked perfectly
Here is the pen shown in the holder, doesns't go all the way around but works just fine.  I needed something I could slip on and off quickly so that I could put the cap back on the pens so they wouldn't dry out.
The pen now fits in the holder nicely and I quickly sketched and embossed this design on scrap cardstock, excuse the paint splatters.  So now I can use the Cameo to sketch and heat emboss any design in my files as needed.

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