Sunday, October 26, 2014

Announcing kiln load "before" opening is pretty risky but---

All the items in previous posting and a few not made with foam cuts have been glazed and kiln just finished, but must wait 24 hours to unload.  Will I share results?  As every potter know, there are so many surprises in the glazing business, esp since I never use same things and use every kiln load to experiment a bit also.  So, fingers crossed until tomorrow morning when it will be safe to open.  Recently I have been single firing but have encountered some issues with just some of the items with pinholing glazes, etc., so this time I bisqued "most" of the items now in the kiln, small handful though went in as single fired.  I got some Spectrum low fire metallic glaze in the mail as I was glazing on Friday, so one of the items has been glazed in Mirror Green.  Will be interested to see what that looks like.  So, if not posting tomorrow you will all know it was a "bust.!"  but maybe I'll share that too, everyone has them.  Til the morrow.
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