Sunday, October 05, 2014

Learned a new trick

I bit the bullet and got another digital cutting machine.  I absolutely love my Cameo, and especially the software program which is terrific.  I use the software for more than just cutting.  It is pretty much my "go to" program when I want to lay things out, get nice crisp images and text,  and print from it, either on paper, fabric, or on transparencies that I use to make silkscreens.

  However, I was intrigued by the Cricut Explore's ability to cut thicker materials than the Cameo can cut, so I bought one.  It is a lovely machine and has many advantages, and I will use both the Cameo and the Cricut Explore.  I am not thrilled with the "on-line", software that drives the Explore not enough flexibility in personally designing images, etc.  Although I understand the Cricut has come a long way with this new machine.

Now for my discovery:  in learning the ways of the Explore, I fell upon this video as I devoured as many tutorials as I could to learn the system:

Melody showed a neat trick which I will use a whole lot.  I love heat embossing and have several powders.  Up til now, it has mainly been something you do with rubber/acrylic stamps and therefore is limited in size, etc.  But having watched Melody's tutorial, and having bought the embossing pens she used, I proceeded to use them on "yes" some more of my deli paper.  I must have made this sheet the same time I made several recent ones, same paint colors.  On the others, I  ran through printer to get graphic images to print on top of the painted papers.  This time, I put the paper on my Explore mat, inserted the clear pen in the pen holder, changed the image from a cut to a "write" and off I went--rather the machine went!  Since the embossing pen I used was clear,  I couldn't easily see where the pen had drawn on the paper until I sprinkled on the mustard color embossing powder and voila, it was there nice and clear/clean.  I hit it with the heating gun and the areas drawn with the embossing pen  raised up from the paper.  With this bit of help, I can use virtually every image on my computer to get whatever size/placement I want.  I have a collection of stamps which I probably won't even use, glad I don't have too many, this is the way to go.    Both the Cameo and the Explore take 12" wide media, so this is an added advantage as well.  Unless you have a wide format printer, you would have had to wrap paper around a carrier sheet.  How lovely to be able to use this technique to draw/sketch and then heat emboss using the capabilities of the machine.  These pens did not fit into my Cameo holder, so had to use the Cricut Explore.  I will post this on the forum of Cameo users to see if some of the other purchased pen holders will hold these embossing pens.

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