Thursday, September 25, 2014

Inkjet printing onto painted deli paper Step by Step

I have found that my printer can easily print onto deli paper, both before I slather paint all over it (i.e., plain deli paper, and after I have painted pretty heavily).  I have found yet another use for the full page labels which now makes 3 uses for them which is really a bargain.  Plus, I only need one carrier sheet as shown here which can be used  several times  This is a step by step view of what I posted here.  My previous postings on the full page labels with links to where I purchased are here.  I actually painted on both sides of the label --one which has adhesive on it and the backer sheet which doesn't.  In that posting, I was happy to find both sides could be used for gelli printing and/or paint scraping.  So here is the step by step in pictures showing how I use one sheet of label paper as a carrier sheet for the deli paper.  Pictures contain explanation:

I had successfully printed onto plain deli paper before by ironing the deli paper to freezer paper cut to the 8.5"x11" size and found it worked fine, except some of the paper stuck to the waxy freezer paper.  So I find that the carrier sheet method above to be much better,   Here are some printed sheets made using freezer paper as carrier sheet:

You can' see the translucency of the deli paper since it was photographed on top of white printer paper.  But you can see it prints pretty good.  I had to cut down the deli paper to fit the 8.5x11" freezer paper, but was too much work.  As I said above, I prefer the label sheet as carrier.  Plus, my next adenture will be using my new 12" wide printer "with" 12" wide labels I found which means no wrapping and I can print wider as well.  

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