Monday, July 13, 2015

Printing on deli paper, cutting and designing with Cameo and "almost" finished project

Since I have my new 12 wide format Epson printer, I wanted to revisit printing on deli paper, I am mad for the stuff, love the translucency and have painted on it in the past, plus printed on top of painted deli papers.  Before I had the 12" format printer, I posted this method of printing on the deli papers --Well, I wanted to try something different.  I love the pop up card by Lori Whitlock
see video here.  And I "love" using the pattern function of the Cameo Software.  See some past experiments and tutorials here  and here, and washi tape here

There is a really soft pattern that I have found, don't know where, but I am drawn to it and wanted to use it in a card.  So, I decided to do a print and cut on the flowers using this favorite pattern.  Here is a photo of my screen--card takes 7 of these flowers so I would have to print two pages and end up with a spare. this shot shows cut lines, I had done an external offset for print bleed purposes, by creating a light blue area extending beyond the cut lines.

here is a picture of the screen without the cut lines showing, you can see the pattern better:
Here is what I learned:
First I tried full page label paper as backing sheet to run through printer, -------way too sticky, deli paper tore --so I put the printed deli paper without the backing sheet onto mat for cutting.  Do not use new mat, too sticky, however, due to translucency of paper, registration marks could not be detected, so I had to slip some white paper with the marks directly beneath the deli paper on the corners, this worked once, finally, got flowers to cut using Cameo

Second, I ironed around edges only on freezer paper and used back feeder of my printer making a user defined sheet of paper to match full size of deli paper which is 12x10.5" 

To summarize, I recommend:

Use Silhouette Cameo Software, it is great, esp for sizing things and adding patterns
Use Freezer paper as backer for deli paper in printer (use wrap method if you don't have a 12" wide format printer), iron edges of full size deli paper onto sized to fit freezer paper seems to work best for me
Use a not so sticky mat if you insist on cutting, keep freezer paper on and maybe the Cameo will detect registration marks, BUT, for this project, I could have cut out the flowers by hand and avoided all this.
Here are some more photos of flowers and project (almost finished--I need a front page with printed sentiment and it will be done).  As you can see, I did print out pattern onto deli paper 8.5" square to make an envelope too.  

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