Saturday, May 31, 2014

More inspirations, testing designs in a journal

I am combining my silkscreens "and" stencils made on my cameo to come up with some interesting designs.
Used a zentangle silkscreen on top of a fish cutout stencil to create this:  For now they are in my sample journal, but they will be excellent references to use with my ceramic work as well as art journal/pages
The following page is just stencils cut on Cameo using cheap poypropylene document covers each one gets me two stencils 8.5"x11"  They will work beautifully on Iclay since they are very thin and will stick to the clay.  The small wave is something I carved out of Dollar Tree erasers and use as stamps.
The orange, pink, etc design was just a stencil, again cut out of polypropylene with the Cameo,  I now have a tremendous supply to use with gelli plates, art journals, maybe even canvases.  Grandaughter will be here next month, and maybe I can interest her to "play" with me using all this stuff.

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