Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sketching in Pencil on Watercolor Paper using Silhouette Cameo

I have been wanting to try this and it works!  I am trying to improve my watercolor skills, these designs are not my own, I regret I cannot provide originators, but I was able to pull into Silhouette program, convert to cut lines, then sketch with #2 pencil on watercolor paper.  The birds have been colored by hand (no brainer really), but will work on the foxes later as an exercise to improve my techniques.  I had started making a list of the reasons one would use the Cameo sketch function instead of just printing designs with printer.  It wasn't until recently that I discovered thanks to the thread on which triggered the addition of using erasable pencil, which you couldn't get with an inkjet printer, anyway, here is my list of when/why one would use the sketch function instead of a printer,

here are just some of the reasons to use the sketch function:

--You can use metallic inked pens/pencils (something you can't do with printer) If not metallic, printer does just as well producing colors, etc

--You can use 12" wide media, which most printers (Unless you have a wide format printer) can't do--also you can use longer media in the Cameo as well.

--You can use a wet embossing pen to sketch onto stuff, then add embossing powder and heat with heat gun to get interesting raised effects/colors.  Don't think a printer can do this.
See my experiences doing this here: 

--Now I can add sketching with pencil!  which can be erased later, unlike a printed image.

And here are some videos showing machine sketching on watercolor paper

And here is the Cameo sketching very detailed design of foxes (again, not my design), which I will work on in the next few days, really impressed with ability of Cameo t do this:

and here is a picture of the finished sketch:

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