Tuesday, September 22, 2015

amazing what hot glue ceramic bits and gold/silver leaf can produce

Some time ago, I had made a whole bunch of disc beads from ceramic, low fire clay which I then colored using several colors of Gilders Wax to produce the pretty disc beads you see with a hole in the middle --I didn't use them all so you can see what they looked like at the bottom of the top picture
above.  They have been hanging around for quite a while and I did not feel like making the necklace I had originally planned on making with these.  Then recently, I went back to making some wider silver and gold bangle type bracelets, see pics below. 

Then I thought some of the plain earrings could use a little gold and started adding it to earrings I already made (and of course using my hand colored papers for boxes and leftover bits to decorate card:

 Also I had experimented with using some of my painted deli paper to make bangles with hot glue as well, see this posting and this one. and this one too.  I did several videos showing how I made the bracelets here

Since I have been making lots of ceramic bits and they are piling up waiting for me to do something with them, 

it was only a matter of time til I integrated them into the glue/silver/gold foil techniques.   
Here are some pics showing some of the ceramic earrings, etc with gold/silver embellishments, now my brain is working to use more of these in interesting bracelet ideas.  I like the bracelets with the glue as bangles, so easy to put them on just before heading out the door, they are lightweight, and don't bang on tables or hurt your arm.  

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