Wednesday, September 03, 2014

More uses for full size mailing labels to print on already painted deli wrap paper

at this posting:
I explained how useful these labels are, getting two surfaces that can receive paint either from scraping or gelli printing. Plus I was able to print on both sides "after" they were painted.  This is nice, but the paper on both sides is not as thin and translucent as my deli wrap papers with which I love making envelopes.

  Now I have found another use for these labels.  I cut the protective sheet all around  to leave a layer of adhesive on the 8.5" x ll" sheet exposed about 1/2" on all the edges.  What I wanted to do is to print on my already painted deli papers to add some graphic elements.  The deli papers are too big to fit into my printer, being approximately 12" x 11", and I did not want to cut them to print on them.  Using the full page label sheet as a carrier, I stuck the painted deli papers onto the sheet leaving about 1/2" at top to wrap around feeder edge and folded in the sides that hung over the label sheet to the back.  I then added removable tape to back feeder edge to hold it down to feed into printer.  I did not have to tape the sideedges that were folded to the back, but could do so if desired.  Used the back feeder on my printer (I have a  Epson WP4530 inkjet printer) and was able to print onto the painted deli papers.  Here are some pictures some as they printed out (black designs) onto painted papers, a few already cut into envelopes.  

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