Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Very Inexpensive multimedia background papers

In my continuous play and experiments, esp with background papers, art journaling techniques and finding new uses for silkscreens, stencils, etc I have made a neat discovery.
I bought a package of full page shipping labels very cheaply from Amazon $12.97 for 100.  I thought it would be great to paint and then peel off back and already have adhesive on the paper.  Some I did just this way, then I could cut into shapes, or whatever to use as needed.  Also could gelli plate print them.  Then, purely by accident, I painted the wrong side, that is the part that peels away with no adhesive on it.

I  had fun using credit card to spread paint, underneath was a texture sheet which leaves nice texture as I go.  Also, very economical since only a thin layer of paint is used when spreading with credit card.  I liked it , especially the nice satiny finish of the paper until I realized it was the peel away part (maybe plasticized? somewhat?)  It had a nice feel when the paint was on it.  Then I thought, these labels are printable with either ink jet or laser, but perhaps not the wrong side?  what if I printed something on it, would inkjet ink stick?  I have an Epson WP4530 inkjet printer, so I set it up for thick paper and used the back loading tray and printed these gals on it.
Then I thought what if I painted the other (right) side, would I mess up this side in anyway, i.e., bleeding through, etc.  I knew the other side was the one that would have a full coverage of adhesive, but this one would not, and to use I would have to add adhesive.  So I painted away, even using some embossed cardstock underneath to create some texture and here is the resulting other side with silver paint scraped onto plastic stencil as well.
Next shows when I fold over, the other paper o the other side with no bleeding through, although I did get a little on the edge as I scraped and moved page onto some paint, nothing major though

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