Saturday, April 30, 2011

Refiring with Clear Glaze

I was not happy with the natural look of the body of these vases, the screenprint designs were too dark for my liking. I had wiped iron oxide over the outside of these and just glazed the inside and the handles. Sooooo, I reglazed the outside with a no zinc clear glaze and I like them much better. I think next time, if I want the natural clay body to show, I will just not use oxide but I think I did that because I had some light spots that showed after bisque that I didn't want to be there in the final firing, so I used oxide to darken the natural clay overall. The clear does make the silkscreened pattern more distinct. So a before and after look here:

Also made another of these wonky vases using a different decorating technique and glaze combo, on of my favorites:

I had also used this design/shape for a few other mini vases which are for sale at my ETSY shop:
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