Sunday, August 15, 2010

Honored and Humbled

I am honored to have one of my pieces on display as a part of our local guild's exhibition at the NC Pottery Center. I learned upon our group's arrival for the opening reception on Friday that my box had been sold before the show's official opening and the buyer has to leave the item on display until the exhibit closes in November. I was surprised, pleased and humble to have this happen in the heart of NC's pottery center. Please visit the exhibit there if you can, the NC Pottery Center is awesome! I have uploaded all the photos taken during our visit to Seagrove (bus trip with several other members of our guild), to Seagrove, (In addition to the visit for NC Pottery Center reception, we also visited several potters in the area, and one fantastic "collector"). It was a great trip and the photos can be seen here.
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