Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Finished items

Most of the boxes shown in slideshow below while drying are now finished. Now I move on, time to tackle some other things. I did love the way these silkscreened items turned out and boxes are useful. I have two more platters to go into glaze kiln today and one serving plate with feathers and a quotation from Emily Dickenson. I just found my favorite (of the day) quotation which I found on Vicki Liles Gill's blog which is from famous potter Bernard Leach. This quotation sums up art perfectly for me:

"I think the final word I would use as a criterion of value in the world of art, if I were reduced to a single word, would be the presence of life.... It is a force that goes beyond all arts or artists. It is the ultimate standard and it is attainable."
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