Thursday, July 01, 2010

Record three posts in one day

Another grouping showing progress made on my garden girl today. Another studio friend, Karen Harbaugh was nice enough to hold the top section just about where it would rest (clay on bottom is still too soft to support the weight of the head and shoulders without someone holding it. But I have the arms in place and a nest for her to hold, now she is back under wraps to dry and next week I will tackle the two pieces of the skirt and start thinking about other decorations. I may silkscreen quotations/poems about the garden on her not sure at the moment. But, I am very pleased so far. Also, my jumping frogs sold to the first person who saw it. I will do one with butterflies too, that should be fun. Well, now to get ready for my weekend company, daughter and family will be coming and our grandaughter will be Miss Liberty in our local parade. Promises to be great fun.
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