Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Butterflies have landed

Phase II of my latest project (just to see if I can?) is to make a lifesize or almost lifesize figure, building it in phases and in sections due to kiln size limitations, hopefully,ultimately fitting together with a rebar in concrete support structure. The first phase, shown previously was the head, originally, I had planned to make a sea oriented figure, but have recently tired of the beach theme so when I wasn't looking, butterflies landed on her head, and changed my focus. I knew the first two phases, head and torso/hands would be the most difficult, and since I have never done this before, nor had a class on figure modeling, I was sort of just winging it. I started the bodice section on Monday and I did have a template for the place where the head section would fit on top, but because of the soft clay, I decided to build the bodice upside down, knowing I was taking a risk about proportions, etc. When that section hardened enough to turn right side up, I enlisted the help of one of my studio buddies, Roger Mansur, to hold the head section up over the bodice to see if it was close enough. For the past two days, I have been working on the arms (arghhh!), now knowing why so many figures are made without them. At any rate, I have now created a nest bowl for her to hold which helps disguise the hands a little. It is coming along and today I will take photos of that section too. She obviously is a garden girl now and the next two phases will be the skirt sections, each designed to fit with the other pieces. Whew, can't believe I have gotten this far. I did design the project so I could quit at each stage (first two), in case things didn't work out, but now I think I might have a shot at finishing her. When she was going to be sea oriented, I was calling her Lorelei, but now I am not sure she might need a new name. Still am contemplating decorating her with garden quotes, etc., and might even make a base to be able to put garden creatures, squirrels, bunnies, etc around her skirt. Well, here she is so far.
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