Monday, April 16, 2007

Oooh and one more thing--

I forgot to let NG know how delighted I was at her including me amongst several other "brilliant bloggers" as one of her selections for Thinking Blogger Award. I am indeed honored to be among her selections. I know I am supposed to list five that inspire me, but I couldn't pick just five, there are so many places I travel daily in cyberspace that make me think, and excite and inspire me. It is the most wonderful community--the world! I will add one site, not a blog site, that never fails to make me think. Quite a departure from the world of beauty and garden and home delights that I usually post about, but this is truly a "thinking" site and very controversial also. The Edge has so many interesting and provocative ideas that help me keep my mind open and to truly "think" about things differently and try new ideas on for size. It may not be for everyone, but when I was challenged to pick a site that makes me think, this one came immediately to mind. I try to keep a balance of serious thinking and creative pleasure in my life, this shows a more serious side of me, (but not too serious!). Steven Pinker's articles are particularly interesting to me as I ponder life's mysteries.

Now to bring this back to the beauty of the world, be sure to click on the gorgeous anemone
at the top of the website and explore the breathtaking beauty of Katinka Matson's images, artfully arranged and presented to transport you inside the beauty that exists around us all the time.
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