Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stickers and cards and Cameo

Some time ago I was inspired by an image I saw for a card wish I had credit info for this, but can't seem to find where I saw it several weeks ago (maybe months) :

I had been excited to try to make some similar to this, since I had purchased a bundle of great illustrations from Hungry JPEG, really some great images and gorgeous bundles of illustrated bouquets.  The link to the bundle I purchased is here

When you see the image I used, you can see how much it resembles the above inspiration.
Anyway, I tried several attempts at making stickers to do the job.  Several posts ago, I mentioned how much I love the full page labels I have gotten from OnLine Labels.  I have the 8.5" x 11" size as well as the larger 12" x 18" since I have a wide format printer, I wanted to have this size as well.  I started out with some success which motivated me to print and cut lots of stickers, but I kept messing around until I could not get a close cut and couldn't unravel which "clever (lol)" tricks I employed as I went along.  Needless to say, I got things to cut badly (I will have another post on that, I was going to trash the whole thing, but then found another way to use the messed up cuts --more on that later).

Then there was a thread on Yahoo's Silhouette Users Group with several suggestions on how to correct this problem.  The best solution, as usual, came from Kay Hall here:

So today, I decided to tackle the project "again."  I used the Silhouette Software and traced outer edge of image, grouped them with the print version of the Hungry JPEG image and printed them "from a saved PDF file, of this layout:
Here is the printed version from the PDF file I had saved, opened and printed

Now I can peel off the stickers and arrange them on a kraft card and envelope I made.  The object was to be able to see the Kraft paper through the tiny openings of the finely cut sticker and I think I am very happy with this Finally!!  I was able to fold the stickers around the edges and to the other side of both card and envelope.  I won't go into all the other "failures" but with Kay Hall's instructions I could keep it simple and got the job done.  Hope this helps anyone struggling with making stickers using label paper.  Here also is pic of my settings, using the Silhouette blade "but" I have it set at 8, not 2 as shown on this screenshot.

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