Sunday, July 17, 2016

quick video on tracing images for print and cut stickers

The whole process of making and using these stickers would take many videos, and I apologize that the video above may not be perfect, did not have time for editing, etc, but there might be some info in it that could be useful.  In the video, I am showing how to trace the beautiful images in the HungryJpeg summer design bundle, in particular, the Vintage Garden images.  You get so much in these bundles for the $$, and best of all, you can use them in items you make without concern about copyright, I have sold a few of the cards I made using these images.  Anyway, for those who might want a little insight into the process I use in making these images into stickers, here is a quick, very rough presentation.  Perhaps I can continue showing additional information in the whole process, we will see.
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