Thursday, April 24, 2014

More silkscreen on clay

Here are a few more awaiting final glazing and firing.  These are all greenware (dried not fired), and silkscreened underglazes applied.  I will single fire soon.  Waiting for full kiln load.

Here is a pic of silkscreen used with paint in a journal I am keeping (now) as a reference to my screens:
re are some pictures of it used on three vases

The stuff you see spilling over the top is clear glaze that I applied to inside of vases.  I will coat the outside with clear glaze before firing.
Here is another vase, different kind of shape that I am experimenting with, also silkscreened with a pattern that I had silkscreened a sample of with black paint into my notebook reference.  

and, of course my stick figure "shelfies" I will fire them and add wire and either kites or balloons through the holes I have made in their hands

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