Thursday, June 06, 2013

Seeing your work in print, what a surprise

I just got a catalog in the mail from Dover Publications

and was browsing through it.  I have enjoyed using their publications as references and to make silkscreens for some of my pottery.    Their artwork is royalty free so good for items of my ceramic work that I sell.  Over a year or so ago, I provided an image for their Pinterest site, showing projects/artwork people have made using their publications as inspiration, etc.  They have reorganized the site and I don't even know what board my item is on now.  So it was indeed a surprise when I was browsing through their catalog to see my box with the sandpipers in print.  Glad I didn't just toss it aside, since I usually browse via the internet.
Nice surprise, made me smile.  Love those little sandpipers.
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