Sunday, April 07, 2013

The heart form is a great way to try new techniques

I have the shapes precut sitting in a damp box, so whenever I want to try a new technique, they are ready.  I have been wanting to try the monoprinting technique I saw some time ago on Ceramic Arts Daily.  So yesterday I tried it and these two hearts were made using basically that technique but editing them after.  Interesting and different.  I think I can use this again.  It is a lot like gelli printing which I have looked at for paper/fabric, actually wet clay works a lot like the gelli base.  I think it was fun and will be interested to see it once glazed.  I will try this again too.  Here are some photos:  I started by using two flat hearts before shaping, one I covered with red underglaze, the other with deep yellow (didn't take a photo of the base yellow heart) then on the yellow heart proceeded to draw/apply other Underglazes, and smeared with fingertips, etc until I got something I could work with, then turned that over on top of the red Underglazed heart and rubbed---when I separated them, had two different images which I then edited, adding more blue underglaze to one, and finetuning some of the other features, lastly adding a silkscreen quotation from Bette Davis to the original one.

Then after letting them set up a bit, shaped them into puffy hearts:

 I will use clear glaze over them and they will be ready for firing

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