Monday, November 26, 2007

Experimenting like Mad

I don't have much time today, but thought that a slideshow might be best vehicle to show all the stuff I am doing at the Pottery Studio, I am obsessed at the moment which is how I usually attack any new endeavor. I started in the safe, black and white mode, trying to make things to use in my kitchen and to go with my Mary Rose Young mugs, but had been experimenting with using silkscreens to decorate, and trying to find the best technique. I think now that using them damp on bisqueware gives best image. Using underglazes on images, the tree plate was my last silkscreen. Also venturing out with glazes, early attempts were UGLY! I loved the woody look on my first triple vase so used it on my garden fairy clothing and on some jewelry beads, most of the photos have annotations, so anyone interested in what I am playing around with can see and read what I did. Still experimenting and most of this stuff is just for fun. Will give away to friends as gifts (whether they want them or not!)
Have fun, I sure have---------
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