Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Keeping my eye on the ball

I am watching these boxwood balls created on the 22nd of December just before my bookclub Christmas party. I decided to make them at the last minute (big mistake!) they take quite a bit of time cutting, and sticking and filling the whole sphere but I did manage to make three of them and used them several times in several ways over the holidays (see my December postings), but I wondered how long in advance could I have made these and how long would they look nice and fresh. Here's a picture I took this morning. I have moved them outdoors and they have been resoaked in a bucket of water a few times and rained upon, but it is clear, next year I can make these at least a month in advance. I may even make some for friends next year because I can do them early and I have lots and lots of boxwood.
I used foam balls (4.5" ones) from at $1.99 apiece combined with other things, they could make very nice gifts. They look great just sitting on top of a terra cotta pot and can be used in a number of ways. I will continue my experiment to see exactly how long they will keep looking satisfactorily fresh for holiday planning (and other events as well), maybe I can even incorporate them into a design for Valentine's day?
Meanwhile in the garden lots of things are blooming for this time of year, Camellias which I would expect, but my azaleas are blooming, but not fully as they do in the spring (March/April), so I am not sure what they will do then, then the primroses are up and blooming and of course, those tazetta narcissus are still going strong. I spent the day (actually it has taken me almost three days) pruning up my crepe myrtles, but that garden chore is done and last week I cut back all the loriope, and the Miscanthus grasses, another winter chore, but it is fun working out there in our nice 40--50 degree temperatures.
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