Sunday, January 07, 2007

From the Pretty to the Practical

After Jen at the Cottage Nest inspired us with her plans and progress to date on her studio, I thought I would share a neat idea for those of you who have purchased those wooden shelves at the craft stores that have wooden brackets underneath. I had stored my raffia and ribbons in a plastic box, always scrambling to find them when I need them. My DH, Gary, came up with the idea to use "white" bottle caps (I drink a lot of water, so these are perfect, only the case of water I have now has blue caps, so I keep trading them with others who have the white ones), anyway, he cuts out part of the rim, nails them onto the wooden bracket and a dowel slides and rolls perfectly and gives me access to ribbon, raffia and twine when I need it. Love this! I, of course am thrilled that my daughter Kristina, gave me almost three days of her week off between Christmas and New Years to get me organized. You couldn't even walk through the room for the debris everywhere. We did buy tons of plastic containers too. She is an excellent organizer. My space to "hobby" in won't be as pretty as you see in decorating magazines (and how I do admire those), but at least it is practical. Now the challenge is to keep it somewhat organized. I told Kristina that she needs to come over monthly and give me inspections to keep me whipped into shape, a really huge challenge though. Thankfully she knows me and forgives me my faults!
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