Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Polymer Clay veneer how I did it

I do videos as a reminder to myself, but info might be of use to others too.  Did this one a few minutes ago.  Often I hop from one thing to another so fast that I can't remember how I did something.  Usually I can figure it out if a simple technique was used, but when I use many products, have many layers, I forget.  There are many such examples around my studio that I would love to try and recreate, but have forgotten what I did.  Sound familiar?  Anyway, I love this veneer and definitely want to do it again, maybe altering some things, so this video will help me, hope you get some value from it as well:

Here are some other shots of the veneer, including one that shows how translucent it is.
I have one little issue and may have to experiment.  If I flip veneer over when applying it to base (bead or whatever), colors would be protected, and then I could sand and polish to get a nice sheen, however, wondering whether the last layers (white) would not show up at all.  So I will have to try it. more on the results later.

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