Monday, January 30, 2017

Run don't walk to take advantage of this opportunity

I emailed the wonderful folks at Hungry JPEG regarding some of my most favorite and hugely economical bundles that had expired.  At the time, they said they could not make them available and I was so disappointed.  It often takes me some time when I make a purchase to use the items and be able to post about them in a timely manner.  I hate it when the bundles are no longer available when I post how I have used them.  I am happy to announce my ALL TIME FAVORITE Mia Charo Bundle is now available here.

 I bought it in February 2016 and it is my favorite.  It is only $15 and if you like florals, banners, and much, much more you will love this bundle, if you tweet, you can also get 10% more off.  Here are the links to my blog postings where I have used graphics from the Mia Charo bundle.  In one post I apologized that it was no longer available, BUT now it is for 30+ days.

I posted about this bundle here:

I will be soon making a video on "Flower arranging in Silhouette Studio" and will use floral elements from these and other bundles.  The video will show how to get the graphics onto mat, how to trace, crop to create a nice tight cut graphic, how to get more from each graphic using shader effect tools, and how to combine many elements for a new bouquet, etc.  plus lots of tips.   Just playing with this flower arranging  will show you how much can be done with the software.  
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