Sunday, August 21, 2016

DIY foam stamps can be easily used with MISTI, here's how

As you know, I love cutting foam with my Silhouette Cameo and have lots of postings on this blog on how I do this, and ways I use them, particularly in my clay work.  But I love papercrafting as well and after investing in the MISTI, have come up with ways to turn all those foam cuts (positives) into useable stamps.  I have stamped with them before but often you need a second printing of ink to get nice strong images and the MISTI is perfect for getting that look, so I have made a little video showing you how I do this:

I made a disastrous video earlier showing this but the camera app I was using turned everything sideways in the viewer and I was holding my tablet while filming so you could get very dizzy watching it which is why I made the one above.  However, I forgot to mention in the one above that I coat the sticky side around the foam stuck to packing tape with powder/cornstarch so it won't stick to paper while tryng to position it before inking, so if you don't mind watching a horribly produced video, you can watch this one too.

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