Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hungry JPEG review of Craftalicious Bundle

I am very impressed with the quantity and quality of items included in this bundle.  I have purchased several other of their bundles and have found them easy to use in a number of ways, printing and cutting with my Silhouette Cameo (would likewise be useful with the Cricut and other cutters).  I encourage you to review this bundle and see if there are items you can use. If you count all the individual cut files, they count to nearly 400!  They come in several formats--DXF, EPS, PNG, and SVG, the most useful for us Cameo owners with the Design Edition.  The bundle includes 7 fonts as well.

Here are a few tips that might be helpful:

1.  Cost is only $19  a huge bargain for such quality and quantity of files,  I usually use PayPal for my payments and have amount taken out of bank acct.  Just be sure you don't use a credit card that charges overseas transaction fees.  Many do, some don't, but you will want to be sure you don't use a card that does.

2.  One thing nice about Hungry JPEG is that they always have all of my purchases on line, so if I need to download them on one of my other devices (new computer, etc), they are there "forever."
"All" in the bundle can be used commercially for any products you make using them.  This is wonderful for those who sell their work:  Commercial License & Lifetime Download Guarantee

3.  The bundle downloads are usually huge files, maybe 400+ MB.  The reason  is they provide so many formats and such high resolution of everything.  Nice that you can download, take what you need, then delete file, knowing you can download it again when you need it.  I usually save all the .SVG files and font files on my hard drive to keep, then delete the rest of the bundle.

4.  One file is called Documentation, check this out and you will find answers to virtually any issue or problem.  I have had to email them before (probably didn't read all this thoroughly enough), but their support is also awesome (used email).

5. If you have Design Edition, just click on the SVG files and they can open in your Silhouette Software,  Just a couple of tips here, you don't have to trace, just set designs to "cut"  resize, move, etc.  and play to your heart's content, DON'T MEAN TO YELL HERE, BUT DON'T WANT YOU TO MISS THIS,  BE SURE TO CHECK THE LINE SIZE AND SET IT TO 0.  FOR SOME REASON, THESE FILES ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY SET TO 0.

If you count all the various cut files, it amounts to $.05 per file and they are excellent designs.

Hope you benefit from these tips, I am not affiliated in any way nor receive anything from Hungry JPEG other than the great proucts I have purchased and great support.