Sunday, November 23, 2014

Playing with sketch function in Cameo

Someone else (sorry I can't find out who, but think it was on this list)  put me on to the great bargain of gel pens at COSTCO. 100 Tek gel pens for $19.99 from COSTCO

They sell for $49.99 at Amazon: picture here:


  I have them, soooo many colors and nice metallic colors too.  So, I decided to put them to the test
I also boought the pen holders from Amazon here: Silhouette Pen Holder
but they have no instructions and it wasn't til I saw this blog tutorial that I figured out how to use them:

 So now I was ready.  the pens come with a rubber grip which I sliced down and removed --nice razor slice enables you to put it back on after using.  here's pic 
Displaying IMG_20141123_083252.jpg
So I tested it with a new font I downloaded called League Script (free)

and made some adjustments to pen depth, then marked the pen as shown in above pic.

Just did name and address but thought I would give the whole thing a workout.  I had just created a very complex design using Inkscape to bend a design and possibly use as a silkscreen or print image, but I had traced it and did some other work i SD so it was a cuttable image, tho not one I would try to cut for obvious reasons, wayyy to complex, but I thought hey might be good for sketch.  I am very impressed, see pics below---First test in the middle I ran through twice when the lock on the pen assembly unlocked, Obviously pen too far down and a mess, top address came out good so that is the place I marked, but whoa, the sketch of the seabirds was great, Too bad camera doesn't quite pick up slight metallic.  Anyway, thought it might be useful:

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