Saturday, January 11, 2014

Plate Progress using templates

Anxious to use my templates yesterday, I proceeded.  I used my green foam template to cut out the plate outline.  I could have gone directly to the pattern and cut out the plate and impress design at the same time, but I had the outline template so used it.  The above video shows my application of the "negative" foam design creating raised image.

Then I decided the exercise ball would be perfect to shape plate before I put the foot on:

But while I was cutting out the foot, I turned to apply to slab and discovered it had rolled onto the dirty garage floor!  So I was not going to get the "perfect" plate I wanted, but carrying on for sake of experiment,
if nothing else, I proceeded to use the foot I cut and the template with the hole in it to adhere the foot.  Well, I have it set up now and it isn't perfect, but if I think to set that exercise ball in something that will keep it from rolling, I think the whole thing will work.

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