Sunday, November 03, 2013

Details on how foam was cut using Cameo

There were a couple of comments from some who tried cutting "Regular"craft foam with their Cameo's saying it didn't work.  I bought the CB09 blade assembly "and" both the 45° and 60°
A good rundown on this whole blade thing can be found here:
Here is a picture of the blade holder with the 60 degree blade in my Cameo:
Here is a picture comparing the blade extension on the CB09 with the regular Silhouette blade:
Sorry this is not a clear shot, but suffice it to say the CB09 blade extension is more than the Silhouette Blade set at 10
AND the craft foam that the Cameo will cut with this blade can be found at Dollar Tree in this package:
and is about half as thin as the regular craft foam found in Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc, my guess is that it is about 1 mil thick 

I have compared it with the cardboard that is the backing for yellow ruled tablet paper and it is about that thick, but the foam is soft, smooth and easier to cut.  I have yet to try sticking the cardboard that is the back of the ruled tablet and test it to see if the 60 degree CB09 blade would cut that.

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