Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finally used foam cuts on my pottery

Opened Kiln this week, most of the items were made well before the foam cut thing got a hold of me, now of course I have so many, I need to start working with them.  I did manage to get one piece made using the foam, glazed and fired.

 My next kiln load will be mostly things I am making with the foam relief on them.  It is just so much fun.  Here are a few items from the kiln load this week:

Here are some of the other things that came out not related to the foam cuts:

All this was single fired, I did use foam cut to create fishscale texture.
And if anyone is interested in steps to create the heron in the marsh scraffito, etc AND all single fired, here is an in process picture

The hearts I made are similar to others I made earlier, but they sold quickly so I made a few more.  Since then, most of the previous hearts have also sold, so I need to get busy again.
In the meantime, I am trying to get a kiln load of low fire items, most of which will feature the bas relief resulting from impressing the foam cuts.  Here are a few in progress:

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