Sunday, August 25, 2013

Using my Cameo digital cutting machine with my clay

Or getting there.  I have spent a lot of time lately cutting stuff on this lovely machine.  I had ordered a blade assembly that fits the Cameo (with a little sanding of the aluminum housing), but the beauty of this is I can use a 60 degree blade in the housing and can cut fun foam.  I have been wanting to do this for a long time.  Also, at my local Dollar Tree I found this fantastic deal of 32 sheets of very thin fun foam for $1.00.  So with my new machine, and my new blade housing I set about cutting that fun foam.  I will use the pieces I cut for stamps, or other projects and I wanted to use them on my clay work as well.  I tried rolling some of the pieces I cut onto my clay to experiment and, as you would expect, I got the "innies" like a rubber stamp.  I then decided I wanted the "outies" like bas relief, brought some of my leftover negative pieces down to the clay studio to try and I really loved it.  A cheap (well, of course, if you have the machine and blades) way to get tons of designs without the use of sprig molds, "or" hours of detailed carving, etc.  I have shared my journey (ad nauseum to some perhaps), but I am so excited over this possibility.  Now if I can just get some clay pieces working.  I have two sales coming up in November and I had better get busy.  But, thought you all might benefit from my experience.  Haven't yet seen anyone out there doing this, although Chandra daBuse uses fun foam in her work, but not the cut out pieces.  I am having fun learning new things, but need to get back to clay.  Now that weather has cooled slightly, maybe I will get motivated.  Here are pictures of my fun foam adventures.

Here are the photos I have shared with the Silhouette Users Group on yesterday's cutting adventures.  I am thrilled to get such details with these cuts:

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